Junkyard Dog


Junkyard Dog is a continual scapegoat for Hercules. He knows it, but he hasn’t gotten into hot soup about it yet, so he doesn’t try to fight back. Despite his scapegoat position, he is third in line for the leadership of the Wrestling Buddies, and he knows it. He’s not the kind of person to slip cyanide into Hercules’s Ramen, but if push comes to shove, he can bring himself to do such a thing.

He has a few odd talents, such as the ability to fly, but only when carrying a load. He’s also one of the only–if not the only–Wrestling Buddies that can hold a weapon, due to his perpetually open right hand.

In battle, he likes to perform what he calls a Junkyard Tornado, wherein he spins rapidly with his arms out, clobbering anyone in his path.


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