Mace Windu


Mace is by far the silliest and happiest member of the .45 Gang, and his simplicity rivals Jango’s. Like Jango, however, he becomes a brilliant strategist in battle. He just doesn’t put that much brainpower into daily life. I guess he figures somewhere in his mind that daily life doesn’t really require that much brainpower. So he shows his teeth a lot. Usually in a goofy grin.

He’s something of a Joker, too. He’ll play playful, well-meaning tricks on his cohorts. Like switching his and Qui-gon’s robes. He’s also something of a tinkerer. Also, he’s the only member of the .45 Gang with a purple lightsaber, and the only left-handed member.

He means well, and everyone knows that. Most of the time.



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