Darth Vader


Occasionally referred to as simply “Darth,” Darth Vader is the leader of the .45 Gang, and he does his job pretty well, though sometimes he gets a little impatient when his cohorts are not listening or thinking. He’s a true ice cream connoisseur, and its his cravings that typically generate various midnight runs to Chummy Chummy Ice Cream down the street. Er…treadmill. He owns the Mach 5, but occasionally lets Darth Shadow drive it.

He’s a bit of a rough and caustic leader (and he has a bit of a foul mouth; he drops the S-bomb a lot), yet instead of telling everyone the hard and fast rule of “this is what we’re going to do,” he holds one-sided discussions over what they’ll do. That is, until they start being uncooperative. Then he’ll take the reins. And punch some people.



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