Darth Maul


Darth Maul is the Jedi equivalent to Jango. He has the same redundant sense of humor, and has serious issues with overreacting…usually comically. He’s definitely not the smartest crayon in the happy meal, and he shows it. He’s pretty handy with a lightstaff, but he hardly ever uses it because he keeps losing half of it.

Speaking of losing halves, Maul has a habit, Barbara, of falling in half for no reason. He always puts himelf back together, but it gets annoying after a while. Obviously, his legs are cybernetic, otherwise he couldn’t do that.

In recent years, Maul has become more idiotic, offensive and crude, and can be summarized as a singularity of Trolldom. He seeks out attention anyway he can, and that little aspect of his personality has begun to grate on the Gang’s nerves, particularly Darth Vader’s.



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